How to Keep Your Children Active and Healthy!

Starting at home is where you lay the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle. Young children pick up habits that stick with them even after they leave the family home, and leading an active lifestyle is one of those behaviours. Yet exhibiting healthy living choices can be more difficult to state than done. Finding the time […]

Choosing the ideal daycare centre

As a parent, I’m sure you know how challenging it can be to find someone you can rely entirely on to look after your kids while at work. Choosing the ideal daycare centre may seem time-consuming and laborious, but it is one of the most crucial choices you can make as a parent for your […]

Importance of Routine for Children

Good routines are not just advantageous for adults; they are also crucial for developing children’s personalities. The same is true for children: we become more productive and self-assured when we follow ways and establish healthy adult habits. To learn and put into practice self-developmental abilities like organisation and time management, children require routine and structure […]

The 5 Most Effective Ways to Teach Infants

One of the most commonly requested questions is how parents in Chilliwack, British Columbia, may impact their children’s learning outside of daycare or childcare. It’s incredible to consider that the baby you look after and whose welfare you secure will eventually play a significant role in the world we all share. This idea should break […]

How to Make the Childcare Transition Easier for Everyone

You’ve devoted numerous hours to researching Chilliwack childcare facilities, visiting them, getting to know them, and ensuring their practice’s and philosophies are compatible with how you raise your children. But, as the first day of school draws near, you might worry about your child’s adjustment to a full-time daycare facility. Many kids will spend their […]

How to Calm Down a Tantrum in a Toddler

Are you ready for your child to join daycare in the Chilliwack area? You want your child to have fun and make friends like any other parent. Read on for some helpful tips on soothing a tantruming toddler and getting them ready to self-regulate and make friends in a daycare setting if you are looking […]

Interview Questions for Child Care Programme

What questions should you ask during a child care programme interview? Need some interview questions for child care? There are numerous factors to consider when selecting the best childcare setting for your child. After searching for options on our child care search, we recommend taking a few more steps to determine which one will be […]

Steps for Choosing Child Care in Chilliwack

Your kid’s development and readiness for school can be supported by high-quality child care that provides safe and positive experiences. One of the most difficult decisions your family will have to make is selecting the appropriate child care in Chilliwack. You can get assistance with your child care search from your neighbourhood child care resource […]

5 Social Skills for Lifelong Success: Fraser River CEC Chilliwack

We at Fraser River CEC think that developing social skills has advantages outside of social situations. Our early learning curricula in Langley and Vancouver emphasise teaching, reinforcing, and practising these skills to benefit our students’ long-term development. Recently, academics have been very vocal on the subject. According to recent research, learning social skills at a young age […]

Educating the Whole Child-Fraser River CEC Child Care Chilliwack

Parents consider Fraser River CEC Child Care Chilliwack for a variety of reasons. One of the most significant is that higher education is highly competitive. Many parents want to do everything they can to help their children succeed. As early learning pioneers, we provide a comprehensive curriculum that addresses the whole child. Education should never […]